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It is a notion that fashion does not extend past the clothes you wear and accessories you put on. There is a side to fashion that most don\'t talk about though, and that is the body care that allows you to look great while wearing your new dress or high heels. We will be talking about body care a lot here in Dollyloli as it is a crucial part of fashion and beauty in general. To begin, hair removal is one of those things that many people hate and just want to get over with. That is the same for both men and women. But today, we\'re going to make hair removal fun and not feel like a boring chore that you have to do.

Hair Removal for Men

Men have arguably an easier time when it comes to hair removal because they already have established brands that solely focus on the purpose of cutting or trimming men\'s hair the most optimal way. These companies therefore test and create such potent products that work very well and make this process an ease for men. The catch is that you have to know which of these brands to trust and which to avoid of course. Every area of the body will be covered here as nowadays, some guys like to be as close to hairless as possible.

For your face: As far as the face is concerned, a basic disposable razor is a great tool of choice so a simple Gillette would do the job just fine. For the men that like to grow out their beards, you will always need to trim and even it out by using a beard trimmer. (Here is a very detailed resource that assists you in finding the best beard trimmer according to your requirements). For your eyebrows you can go to a waxing salon and get them waxed or threaded for a pretty low cost. It may take some getting used to, but shaping those manbrows is definitely worth it in the end. So for men, all you really need for your face is a decent razor for getting close shaves and a clipper for just trimming out the facial hair.

For your body: This part is tricky for men. I wouldn\'t suggest using an epilator if you are a man because the hair is rougher and would not be penetrated well enough by the epilator. Instead, either going and getting a wax (which is painful but very effective) or using a razor and shaving cream can be a great way to remove that excess body hair. Another less popular way includes laser hair removal, which is usually done in multiple sessions and the results are permanent. You should have made a decision on whether you want to have body hair in the future or not before going out and getting a laser treatment however.

Hair Removal For Women

Now for the ladies, we know just how important hair removal is and there are so many different ways and products that you can use. It should be said that there is a lot of preference that comes into play for women regarding this, but one thing that you should know is to try every method and see which one you like best. That includes everything.

For your face: The face of a female is much more sensitive than a male\'s, and it can not withstand as much pressure or tension. It depends on how much hair is on your face, and that varies from women to women, so for some you don\'t even need to do anything (how lucky you must be!). An epilator is the suggested tool for shaving the face and it can be quite painless if you do it correctly. Simply just make slow and steady passes and you will do very well. There isn\'t a complex technique that you need to know or anything. The basic practice of waxing or threading your eyebrows, upper lip, and cheeks can also be a very effective way of removing the small bits of facial hair that you may have. The great thing about waxing? The growth starts to slow down over time so you can go less and less to get the hair removed.


For your body: The body is the most difficult part for women and perhaps the one that offers the most methods. There are bikini waxes, laser hair removal, lady razor shaving, scissor cutting, tweezing, and the list goes on. We are going to make it super simple for you. If you can withstand the pain and are able to afford it, go with waxing your whole body and sign up for a yearly plan. This will make it more affordable and allow you to follow a set schedule to remove the hairs that grow in immediately so that there is significantly less pain and more conducive results. If you can not afford to waste almost a grand on waxing a year, you should look into laser hair removal as that is permanent and will end up saving you a lot in the long run. I would avoid using lady razors, scissors, or tweezers on your body because you can easily get ingrown hairs and waste a lot of time for nothing.

As long as you can afford it, waxing or laser removal does seem like the best choices as of now. If you choose to do laser hair removal, you should follow the technician\'s guidelines very carefully so that the process can go as smooth as possible and without any unwanted scarring from occurring. Hair removal is definitely a tougher aspect of fashion and beauty, but a necessary one nonetheless. We all must go through it in one way or another, so why not just enjoy it? The more you appreciate something that may seem tedious, the better the results can be.



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