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Shoes are one of the most important must-haves for everybody. Because of daily uses, it is very important to have classic pairs of shoes that speak of durability and practicability. Fendi Shoes are the right choices for both those reasons and a great fashion choice for any purpose.

Fendi Shoes are just part of the many collections of Fendi Lines. Because of the company’s quality products, more and more people are now recognizing the company. Let's take a brief look at the history.
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History Of Fendi

Adela Casagrande began a fur and leather shop in 1918. Her shops were located in Via del Plebiscito, just at the heart of central Rome. In 1925, she married Edoardo Fendi, and both made a decision of renaming the shops name to Fendi. Eventually, their business prospered, thus making them decide to open another shop, this time in Via Piave, year 1932. The couple was blessed with five lovely children: Paola, who worked with the couple when she turned fifteen, Carla the second daughter, followed by Anna, then Franca, and the youngest named Alda. In 1965, the company merged with famous German Designer named Karl Lagerfeld. This move proved fruitful for both parties. Lagerfeld then created the now famous FF logo, joining the fast increase of world-renowned status symbol. Furthermore, the sisters helped and aided the company in revolutionizing fur treatments and other useful clothing.

After the successful treatments, their stiff and heavy garments were transformed into very light, easy-to-wear, and soft flattering outfits. The team did not stop from there just yet. They further researched in different techniques on tanning and dying fur, working on unused skins then turning them into garments that are soft and very fashionable. Designed by Fendi’s business partner Karl Lagerfield, Fendi presented in 1933 its very first fur collection fashion show, and that one turned out successfully. Marvin Traub, president of a huge company called Bloomingdale, discovered the works of Fendi’s and instinctively introduced the fur products to the US buyers. The success just keeps going better and better and at the present, Fendi can be seen in high-end stores from all across the globe.

Aside from Fendi Shoes, there are also other different lines that the company has created. The Fendissime is a Fendi line discovered by the five lovely daughters of the famous manufacturers. This line is also called the “young line”, catering to the young people and teenagers. However, it is presently discounted. Fendi also has a line in timepieces, which have top of the line features including Swiss movements. Fragrances are also one line of the famous shop. Fendi for Women, their very first fragrance collection, was introduced in 1985 and was further expanded. At present, it is called Fendi Uomo and Theorema Uomo (Fendi for men) and Fantasian and Celebration (Fendi Women). Likewise, the company also offers an eyewear line, which include sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

The company’s iconic logo pattern, which is a “double F”, is commonly referred as a “Zucca” print. This is designed in 1960 by Karl Lagerfeld and has been the company’s trademark over the years and these can be seen in all Fendi Products that include wallets, handbags, and pieces of luggage, Fendi Shoes and some apparel.

Fendi sneakers, are parts of the collection of Fendi Shoes, which are in demand amongst teenagers and young adults. They are made with utmost durability and comfort, the same with the Fendi Boots. These shoes are made from Italy and everybody knows for a fact that Italian shoes are very durable because of the types of materials being used.

If you want to go out and show off what you’ve got, Fendi shoes are great ones for you. Not only do they give you that classy look, but it also shows how choosy you are in selecting the best shoe brands in the market.




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