While some fashion designers have reached the pinnacle of success with their creative flair and intuition, a handful have taken advantage of formal training to further hone their skills. One of the exemplary model of the latter is the celebrated fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who seem to have taken on the straight road to fashion designing and had his future all mapped out at such a young age. His exposure in designing was first enhanced at High School of Art and Design, where he graduated in 1981 and proceeded to pursue hiContentgher education at Parsons School of Design in New York.

It was in Parson’s where his craft was polished and fully showcased which lead him to win the prestigious Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award and proceeded to clinch two more awards: the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award, and the noble Design Student of the Year Award, all in one year. This is definitely an extraordinary feat that sets us a perfect example that true and exceptional talent will never go unnoticed for long.

While he was still attending school at Parsons, Marc Jacobs had already designed and sold his primary line of knitted sweaters. After graduation was immediately taken under the wing of Rueben Thomas where he designed his first collection right under the Sketchbook brand. However, it was in 1984 when he finally formed a partnership with a close friend Robert Duffy and named the company Jacobs Duffy Designs Incorporated that he was able to enjoy relative freedom to design the clothes he wanted. But it was only two years later that Marc Jacobs was able to create and release a collection under his own label. This resulted to yet another citation, but this particular one carried more weight than the rest combined since it comes with the distinct honor of becoming the youngest fashion designer ever to be awarded with the highest tribute, which is the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

His first clothing line had taken prominence when he introduced the grunge look under the Perris Ellis label. He was also the one who spearheaded graffiti bags with the collaboration with Stephen Sprouse. Marc by Marc Jacobs is his very own clothing line, which offers less expensive designer products that have become an extremely popular choice among younger generation in the consumer market. The Marc Jacobs coats have also risen into popularity since many Hollywood celebrities were seen favoring the stylish designs that come in wonderful colors and stylish cuts.

Marc Jacobs is also known for his makeup line

Of course, as any astute fashion designer would easily surmise, the women’s fashion is significantly lucrative than the men. This prompted him to create a special product line carrying the Marc Jacobs women’s collection. He also launched his own watch collection that feature the classic and timeless designs with a distinct vintage appeal still both for Marc Jacobs Women and Men’s collection. Considered to be the crown prince of the fashion industry and undeniably one of the most influential fashion icon in the American fashion industry, most of the budding fashion designers look up him with such high respect and reverence.

Most of the exceptional and exclusive designs of Marc Jacobs women’s collection have two types of clients: the filthy rich and the famous. Kate Moss and Natasha Poly are just two of the famous personalities that extremely admire the designer. If you have a thing for designer labels, then you definitely cant go wrong with any of the Marc Jacobs pieces. While the clothing line may be a relatively higher than the other designer brands, it more than makes up for its unmatched style and detailing. If you are shopping for a dress, then expect to pay no less than $ 350. If you are eyeing for the more luxurious line, the delicate creations would usually cost around $ 3,000 or more depending on the particular style and the specific season.

So if you think you owe yourself a treat, then don’t hesitate to splurge on one of the fabulous dresses from the Marc Jacobs collection, it is definitely worth every single penny.