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kate spade womens collection

Many fashion experts claim that in order to fully appreciate a particular designer brand collection, you must first delve into the mind of the creative genius behind the big name. Of course, the personalities and artistic flair of the designers may be to evident in their styles, you might find it surprising that there is actually a wonderful story to tell behind the big names in the fashion industry. One brand that has an interesting story to tell would surely include Kate Spade of Kate Spade New York.

As a growing lass based in Kansas City, Missouri, young Kate could be best described as the antithesis and epitome of the image of an all-American lady. Quite contradictory? People close to the designer would claim that their seems to be an aura of the familiar at the same time a sense of greatly original about her. This personality was easily reflected in fresh approach in designing clothes that also seem to depict a practical and no-nonsense approach in life. Her initial foray in the world of fashion was not actually in designing clothes but in creating stunning accessories. However, Kate has observed that there seems to be a lack of stylish yet practical bags in the market, which prompted her to make deigns for her own bags. Thinking that this might turn out to be a lucrative business venture, Kate have drawn preliminary sketches and projected the production cost and the next thing she knew she was waist-deep into the handbags industry – all with the loving support of her husband Andy Spade.

Following a string of prestigious awards such as the priceless one from the Council of Fashion Designers in America, she naturally gravitated to incorporating the private label Kate Spade Women’s clothing line into her growing business. Her product line also expanded to include several luxury items such as umbrellas, sunglasses, eyewear, perfume, beauty products and even personal organizers. In order to fully complement the Kate Spade women’s apparel, she also opened up a new product line to cater for men under the label Jack Spade, a purely fictional name since her husband’s name is Andy. Soon the complete line of Kate Spade products have slowly grown to include home accessories and merchandise, which labeled Kate Spade a lifestyle brand for every man and woman. However, the bestsellers in the Kate Spade women collection are stil the handbags that all seem to feature that distinctive boxy shapes and ultra simple constructions.

Some fashion critics say that Kate Spade has finally refined her signature designs, which has taken several years to perfect. These designs have assiduously found its way to the personal collection of women who have usually prefer the uncomplicated and quite elegance look that are brought to life in many of Kate Spade’s products. So if you want to live in style, whether from the high streets of Milan or merely taking a walk along the small down, you definitely fit right in with the wonderful collection of Kate Spade designs.

With this understated elegance and classic lines, it’s no wonder many Hollywood celebrities and prominent personalities have personally chosen Kate Spade women’s collection to be their top choices for everyday wear items. Among the biggest fans of Kate Spade includes Kate Moss and Julia Stiles. From the glitzy runway from all parts of the globe, the Kate Spade collection is made available in most major department store outlets and specialty shops, with prices ranging from $ 200- $ 400 apiece.

So if you want to invest on basic clothing pieces and fashion must-have, you should never be caught dead without a Kate Spade item in your closet. After all, its always nice to have a piece or two that transcends the dictates of fashion and are considered timeless pieces.



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